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Nov 8, 2012 9:00am PST
doing up here? (man) i'm thinking. well, don't think! talk. talk to me! jesus christ! you can't walk out of a meeting like that. you say, "excuse me." you say, "pardon me." otherwise they think it's something that they said. did they say anything? (man) no. howard, talk to me. listen to me. let me remind you of the upside here; okay? you put in a million dollars -- a year, maybe two -- three at the most -- you're walking out with four million bucks. i understand the math, lenny. i just want to rethink things; okay? ♪ (music plays) talk to me, howard. listen to me. let me remind you of the upside here. you put in a million. a year and a half, maybe two -- three at the outside -- you take out four million, maybe more. i understand the math, lenny. i just want to rethink things. ♪ (music plays) don't do it, howard. i said, "don't do it." i said, "don't do it." (man) do you know her? hi. i'm howard. i know. i'm susan. (man) okay. great. good. thank you. thanks. (man) you're welcome. we'll be in touch. ♪ (music plays) so what we gotta remember is that the scene that we're gonna shoot fi
Nov 18, 2012 6:00pm PST
. we cannot ever let this happen again. >> why would susan rice not get our vote? i don't trust her. >> defending susan rice. >> senator mccain and senator graham want to go after some big, they should go after me. >> there are no barriers, they to sitting down and working through this process. >> as the fiscal cliff limbs, is there a deal in the works? mitt romney explains why he lost . >> the president's campaign was focused on his base coalition, giving extraordinary gifts from the government, working aggressively to turn them out to vote. captioned by the national captioning institute >> i just don't know where to begin this week. do we talk about republican charges of a cover-up with regard to the fatal attack in benghazi? do we talk about sexual liaisons and e-mails and national security? to talk about israel and gaza. the possibility of a deal to avoid going off the fiscal cliff? let's start with the sex. [laughter] general david petraeus had an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell, a married mother of two pit talk about unlimited access. general pet
Nov 16, 2012 8:30pm EST
not get our vote? i don't trust her. >> defending susan rice. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> there are no barriers to sitting down and beginning to work through this process. >> as the fiscal cliff loans, is there a deal in the works? mitt romney explains why he lost. >> the president's campaign focused on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and worked very aggressively to turn them out to vote. captioned by the national captioning institute >> well, i just don't know where to begin this week. do we talk about republican charges of a cover-up with regard to the attack in benghazi? do we talk about sexual liaisons and e-mails? to talk about israel and gaza, the possibility of the fiscal cliff? let's start with the sex. [laughter] cia director resigns after the fbi uncovers e-mails showing that general david petraeus had an extramarital affair with his biographer, paula broadwell, a married mother of two. talk about unlimited acces
FOX Business
Nov 25, 2012 1:30am EST
something, i don't agree. it's a boring pick. >> brenda: cavo on business. >> david: ready to go fiscal iff diving? apparently a lot of businesses and shoppers are already afraid of the fall. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. with the holiday shopping season underway a lot of consumers are saying no way. and more than half saying the uncertainty around the fiscal cliff will impact their spending and job creators are cutting back on spending and a bad deal for the economy? well, let's ask. ben stein, dagen mcdowell, charlie gasperino and gary k. want to start with you. bad deal for all of us? >> of course, look, business investment was already down last quarter over 1%, and the word uncertainty just pervades e air and its business, its consumer, how about philanthropic organizations don't no what kind of write-offs for charity and the worst the outcome is probably going to be more, and taxes are going to go up and of course there will be no spending cuts. >> and ben, it does sound ominous, even if you're not someone who reads the wall street journa the fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, it coul
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
, i don't look fat. how dare you? >> i see some extra whiskers on your face. >> b, i don't look fat, and how dare you? >> go away liar, denier. >>> she is so sharp that ma machetes use her to cut through the jungle. i am here with ann coulter. her latest book is called mugged. it is about coffee maker juan valdez. and she funnier than a woopi cushion made of flesh. his book comes out this tuesday and i trust it is slightly above meed yolker. don't trust me. in russia he is considered a beanie baby. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and sitting next to me gavin mcguiness, writer for talking and street carnage. >> what are you doing? >> i have something in my eye, lint. >> let's go to the thing. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> by the way, it has been a rough week for everybody, and there is serious stuff going on. we will try to have a fun, light show. and gavin, you need to be on your best behavior. >> coming up, buddy. >> i don't trust you at all. you are a sad, sick man. i can deem everything -- i condemn everything he does before he does it which p
FOX News
Nov 10, 2012 12:00am PST
don't need to know if david is rolling that way. i mean, he is 60. some decorum. >> he is the guy that could have one mistake. that's why i am not so sure. >> here is the deal though. an extra extramarital affair in washington, not a big deal. even dianne feinstein, my senator oh we are so proud of her. california you lost your mind. she said, i think he is the most wonderful man in the world and i wish the president didn't accept his resignation. so people are not shocked by the affair. there is definitely a deeper story. broadwell knows, she can broad well. >> i think it is always amazing in dc a comb over does not keep you from an affair. in fact, that is the largest number of comb over affairs in all of the united states, perhaps the world. jesse, as a former manager at pacific sun wear you must have seen people resign all the time. anything strike you as odd about this one? >> he is laughing at his own joke. no, he is laughing at one of his writer's jokes. he is not clever enough to make fun of me consistently. >> all i do is go through the mall and pick up shops you might --
Nov 26, 2012 12:30am PST
open, don't operate electric switches that will cause a spark. don't use your cell phone. use the cell phone outside or a neighbor's phone to call 911. get everyone out of the building, close the gas valve and forget it. don't open it up again. there is probably a leak and you will have troubles wait for pg and e to test it. what's the most important thing in an emergency? everyday, water. somewhere in front of the house you will see these. san francisco water department. how do you get in here? easy. a long screwdriver or pry bar. pull it this way and the whole thing will lift out. even if it's crusty you can get it out. that's what it looks like. that's brass covered water meter. there it is. how would you tell if water was leaking if the building without going in there? that thing woulding pegged. this guy would be spinning. here's how you shut it on and off. like the gas thing, the valve thing with the square head. there are a couple of ears. you lineup the 2 ears. there is a hole to put a padlock. if it's on ita in direction of the /phroe. flow. when it's off, these 2 lineup. the
FOX News
Nov 20, 2012 12:00am PST
of the year? some say no. i don't like the new studio. >> you don't like the new studio? >> no. i want to go back to the old one. >> i think this will be permanent at least from now on. >> i like everything. everything is backwards and confusing. you should go back to the other one. >> i tell people on twitter don't get upset about the new studio. >> i don't know why you chose to shoot at a different studio. it is "the five" studio. >> i am not familiar. whatever, don't like the studio. >> the studio doesn't like you. let's welcome our guests. she's so hot she is mistaken for a welding iron. i am here with brooke goldstein the children's rights institute and director of the law fare object. good for you. and he is so ripped he once cut himself on his abs. it is chris baron with an amateur november mustache. and in november he is considered a snowball, it is bill schulz. and if hilarity was a speed limit i would violate him on a highway. sitting next to me, gavin mcbegin tee. he is writing for talking >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i guess i didn't get done with the
Nov 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
♪ i even know that she loves you a lot ♪ why don't you know don't you know that she's hot ♪ ♪ i even know that she loves you a lot ♪ ♪ why don't you know don't you know what you've got ♪ ♪ i even know that she loves you a lot ♪ ♪ why don't you know don't you know what you've got ♪ >> thank you! thank you, ladies. thank you, thank you. >> and we're back with more of "today" on a friday morning. 2nd day of november, 2012. we waited 42 years. it was worth the wait. guys, thank you, thank you so much. great having you here. appreciate t.aerosmith. brand new album out, and by the way, steven and joe, are going to be with us tonight on this benefit concert to help the victims of hurricane sandy. guys, fantastic. >> thank you. >> now that we've made history on the "today" show plaza. >> got to say a couple of things. all those here's -- by the way, willie geist joining us as well. all these years rocking the plaza, that was rocking the plaza. mark trout, one of our great stage hands here, manager said, you know, there's a difference when the gods of rock 'n' roll take the
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm PST
breakfast? yeah? >> some kids don't even eat at home. it would help them if they have nothing to eat. >> it will be an emotional show, but we will end on a high note. the elbow of the day is hilarious. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: all right welcome to the "young turks." unfortunately as you see there we've got another battle in gaza. now, of course i'm sure the two sides will disagree as to how it got started but the palestinians agreed to a ceasefire when israeli struck again, killing in a strike that we'll show you in just a minute or so here. he was the head of the militant wing of hamas so israel felt justified. many civilians were killed in different gaza attacks. the israeli defense sources bragging about it on twitter: >> not only that, on you tube, they put out a video of the actual hit. now, the person inside this car is going to die just so you know. i'm giving you warning there. in fact, there's two people standards inside the car photograph for hamas was also killed in that strike. now if that wasn't enough, more insult to injury, back on twitter: >> now sure,
Nov 9, 2012 4:30am PST
but i think silly man. i don't know this him and so just before he catches me. i can escape. this is going to be fun. i need to get closer to him and call word to him. hello mr. harold will think. i need to get closer and closer to the herring and call to him in this way. hello mr. herring. the herring will think. that is strange, if you want to catch me, why is he getting further away. i don't understand. do you under stand? actually i'm going to be getting closer and closer to the herring and i make my voice smaller and smaller, so the herring will think i'm going away. it's very interesting and what will happen next. i sneak up just behind the herring and i say, what. what will you say? i can't hear anything. >> that's idea i make my voice smaller until i make no sound at alright. so the herring will think, he's gone. well, no fun today i guess but any way i am safe. and at that moment i capture him. what do you think of my wonderful idea. great. very good. very interesting. i'd like to see you try it. thank you and can you suggest a good place to catch and find many sno
FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 12:00am PST
. they get everything they want. they don't want to leave. maybe that is the punishment they deserve, kick it out. kick them out jie. should we ask for their input. right now they have a warm, tropical climate. they could end up somewhere like montana. >> i say we send them. send some of the deserving criminals down there. i want to see the episode of "lock up" when they introduce the radical muslims into the prison. that will be a good episode. >> i'm sure the neo nazis would be all into it. >> neo nazis and the mexicans and the puerto rican gangs, ms13 for example frown on terrorism. >> diane, i know you said in the green room not only should we transfer the detainees to america, but we should then set them free. you said you would take one on your couch. >> every sentence starts with you were saying. >> you are always talking in the green room. >> i am not against bringing them over provided they can do it safely. this report highlighted all of the obstacles. it didn't provide many solutions to those obstacles. i think there is a lot maury search to be done. more research to be done. yo
Nov 8, 2012 7:30am PST
still remember how confident you were. that wasn't confidence, it was desperation. well, i don't know how we're going to get along without you. oh, but we'll find a way. seriously, katherine, what are you going to do ? well, one thing's for sure-- i'm going to spend a lot more time with my kids; bill wants me to help him with his business projects; and i want to go to law school. i'm only laughing because i can't think of anything more perfect for you. if i had a dollar for every argument we've had, i'd be a millionaire by now. thanks. i think. it's nice to see someone do what they really want to do with their life. oh, jamal, who knows what life has in store for us ? so, mr. brashov, have you hired katherine's replacement ? no. i have decided that this should be katherine's final task at the cafe. oh ! you're joking. - of course he's joking. - not at all. who better than you to find someone who is qualified to step into your shoes ? if you say so. i think it's an excellent idea. wait a minute. what if i don't like katherine's choice ? don't worry, rosa. i'll find someone who will
Nov 10, 2012 12:30pm PST
. >> is there a particular reason they shouldn't show up until three that night? >> i don't know if it was traffic or fights started but it was a mess. >> the only way to really stop that is sacramento has to do something so you can board the bus and make arrests and send message to the bus companies. the problem is they drop down the street and we don't know -- or club people don't know whether or not they actually came from a bus. maybe a whole bunch people walking up the street getting in line. of course the responsible thing is not to let them in because they are intoxicated. what happens they're not going to leave the friend out on the street by themselves and the bus took off. it's a major problem state wide. i don't know what we could do on the local level. if the police can get the name of the problem bus and there are the same people that bring the bus transportation to broadway and oak and they just collect the money and they don't care. the drivers -- now, with the new legislation all it is to make sure no one is under 21 drinking, but other than that there is still no security -- police can
FOX News
Nov 16, 2012 12:00am PST
, don't do that. let's welcome my guest. i am here with author and political commentator imogen lloyd webber. her later book is called "twitter diaries." and it is the politics reporters from "buzz feed." and bill schulz is back from testifying about benghazi. and theks to me, joe derosa. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> do the titans of fast-food think it is less than shrewed? a denny's operator has joined the ceo of papa john's promising to put a promising surcharge to offset costs from the health care law. he runs 40 denny's locations and oversees 1200 employees says he plans to slash hours to fewer than 30 a week. he simply can't afford the penalties associated with obama care, he says. telling fox, quote, it is essentially a huge tax on all us business people. and last week after the election, papa john himself reportedly said his employees may face reduced hours, and he expects his business costs to rise because of obama care. for more on the health care law and what it means to employers. let's go to senior cory correspondent, flying dog. cogent point a
Nov 2, 2012 8:00am PDT
is very old. so, don't go plenty more all right. so. this is a real birds eye view. very good. someone is flying like me. i remember his face in my japanese history book. his real name is,foto shim. hi. good to see you. so, many messengers down there. so, they are waiving you. why are they waiving me. to take me. the end of my life. i'm dying now. oh, my god. so, any way i don't want to - that the river. must be the sticks i don't want to cross the sticks and die because i have no money. so, six months for currency in japan. cost of six bucks. i have no money so see you later. hey! so go to this. go to the east. [birds chirping] any way i'm safe as long as i still with birds. okay. wow. what's that coming towards me. okay. i should grab it. a kind of pole. hey, hey! i'm safe. so, any way, let's get to the - got to get out of here. go. get out of here. where am i? whoa this morning the sunrise is very beautiful. that mountain. i'm still in japan. wow i'm lucky. and there's a place to the temple gate. oh, it's my neighborhood. very lucky. so, where is the five story building. there
Nov 5, 2012 1:00am PST
and move in closer. don't be afraid. the closer you get the more dry chemical powder you will put on the fire and it will go out faster. stay low. before you enter a room feel the door with the back of your hand. if it's hot and you don't see smoke, open it slowly, take a look inside, you know if it's a small fire and you can put it out, do it. work in pairs. the second person is your back up. if the fire is too big, close the door and get help. have 2 emergency exits if you can. there is a fire escape there and the stairway we came up, there's your 2 exists. you seen these before? the hose cabinets. there is a fire extinguisher in there, 50 feet of hose. a nozzle and water in there you can turn it on. don't do what he's doing. if you turn this on you will have a pile of spaghetti with hose. one person take the hose out to where you are going to put the fire out. tonight open the door, yet and have the other person turn the water on. if you don't feel comfortable, get out. keep yourself safe. we have gauze. this is made of cotton. what class of fire is that? a. >> we have some f
Nov 7, 2012 7:30pm PST
of the other things. a lot of the decision is based on criminal history. i don't believe that -- i am authorized to share information directly from the criminal history information that only the police department and other authorized agencies and people can receive. i don't believe i'm able to share that with you. i can tell you as an officer of the court, as the hearing officer and as a retired police officer that the official documents that exist, whether they be court documents, which are public record, and that can be shared and used here indicate clearly that there was a conviction. i think mr. johnson has admitted there was a 2007 arrest. there was a 2009 conviction and the conviction was for reckless driving and for malicious mischief to a vehicle, and he served short of a year -- there was pushment was a year and a half in custody. i don't know if that was serve -- i don't know how that was served. whether it was served at home, whether it was served -- >> he can tell us how he served. >> actually my difficulty with it is not what he served or i mean i have a police report
Nov 12, 2012 12:30am PST
we use this. a silly puddy you put on if you have things of value you don't want breaking in an earthquake, grab this. all hardware stores have them. anybody have this at home? >> this is, why is this a hazard aside from it being in an earthquake? most of the home it is built in the city before the 1850's was meant for one socket not for a stereo and everything plugged into it it was meant for one item. hazardous material. this draino and different things, read the labels. it's important to know what you have in the home in case somebody injest it. make sure you know what you have so you don't cross contaminate. you don't want to put bleach next to ammonia. in a disaster if /taeu break and mix, what will happen. you will have a hazardous material place in your house. how about this? the typical garage. most people don't have gas in the suburbs you do. if you have lawn mowers. store it low. gas fumes will creep down to the bottom. if you have to store gas, store it mostly full. if you have an empty gas container -- if you want to protect yourself put cords across it so it
Nov 23, 2012 8:00am PST
last night. was a little tipsy. i don't remember. any way. think can't move. someone is leaning on me so who is it. my cousin. my brother. we've been got by a hunter. hey! my cousin, wake up. no. not a good morning. we've been caught by a hunter. pass the word but be quiet okay. okay. wake up, wake up, wake up. wake up. wake up. wake up. wake up. wake up. wake up. hey! did you wake up? we've been caught by a hunter. right. i got a good plan. just do what i say. at the count of three, you flap your wings as hard as you can. right? 1, 2, 3 - flapping! i can't move. [help me screaming] very good. whoa. i'm going high. very good. wow. what is that. the lake. not the lake. big river. wow. what? many bridges. the bridge is very old. so, don't go plenty more all right. so. this is a real birds eye view. very good. someone is flying like me. i remember his face in my japanese history book. his real name is,foto shim. hi. good to see you. so, many messengers down there. so, they are waiving you. why are they waiving me. to take me. the end of my life. i'm dying now. oh, my god. so, any wa
Nov 21, 2012 9:00pm PST
quote ? >> absolutely not. >> jennifer: okay. so tell people -- i don't think people can imagine what it was like to spending 16 years in prison and then one day be free. >> it was like living in hell and then walking into heaven. every day i'm so grateful to have an opportunity to live as a free person and to pursue my career and to be with my family
Nov 23, 2012 12:00pm PST
quote think it is -- >> rose: do you think of yourself as dickins? >> no. >> rose: of course not. >> i don't get that question but i also think that -- i do genuinely think that if you are -- if you are sitting there thinking, now whom would i most like to be compared to, you are wasting your time, just get on and do the work. >> rose: yes but who are you
FOX News
Nov 20, 2012 1:00am PST
stamps, housing subsidies, that kind of thing. and, of course, they don't want those programs cut or reorganized. among americans making less than 30,000 bucks a year, 63%, 63% voted for barack obama. just 35% voted for mitt romney. from that group the president received about 7 million more votes than romney did. 3 and a half million. so it is a stone cold fact that lower income americans, largely reelected president obama. now, the left is going to scream when you say that because they don't want to acknowledge the economics of the vote. so, when i told you the truth on election night, i was immediately branded a racist and worse. this is what americans should understand. liberals want to see themselves as noble they don't want to consider the fact that entitlements buy votes. that goes against their sensibilities. so if you tell them the truth that entitlesments do indeed buy votes, they attack you. but now mitt romney is also getting it from the right wing conservative george will called romney out on sunday. >> quit despising the measure people, particularly because a lot of
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
" is over, i don't know what to watch. when does football come back? it is back? oh, i think i >> jimmy: hi, jimmy here, with a word about citi price rewind. you do the shopping with your citi credit card and citi shops around for you by searching for a lower price on hundreds of retailers sites. if citi finds a price at least $25 lower than what you paid, you can get back the difference. it's called a rewind moment, and it goes something like this -- >> i need a new tv -- it's a good thing i brought cash. >> jimmy: that, is a rewind moment. >> i need a new tv -- it's a good thing i brought my checkbook. >> jimmy: another rewind moment. >> i need a new tv -- it's a good thing i brought my citi card? >> jimmy: si. >> thank you. >> jimmy: now this looks like a fast-forward moment. >> dicky: buy now, save later on purchases like toys and electronics made on your citi card with price rewind. learn how it works and register your eligible purchase on >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with melis melissa, reba mcentire, mike tyson and music from future. only
Nov 10, 2012 2:05am PST
be the scent of fresh bread causing it, i don't know. might be power's back on and we're smelling bread again. >> there is a study -- >> another one. >> i want to smell it too. they say if you smell the scent of freshly baked bread, it makes you act nicer to strangers. >> i think you need to smell it in the air, not put it up to your nose. >> if you're in a bakery. >> or around a bakery and it's wafting, wafting. this you have to stick up a nostril. >> researchers actually stationed people outside of french bakeries, then they had some people outside of clothing stores. they had decoys drop a glove to see who would help them pick it up. more people helped outside a bakery than outside a clothing store. >> 75%. which is important. we're sick to death of numbers after the election, but that's a big deal, 77 down to 52%? >> jaynie and i talked about having a bread shop. if you crank up the music and are kneading bread, the smell, the feeling, people walking in, the good news. >> remember one of our favorite movies, "it's complicated"? she works in that pastry shop? >> i love that! >> movie is un
Nov 15, 2012 7:30am PST
, no, no, no. you don't understa. she just had to go-- ah, here's mr. brashov. ooh, he doesn't look well at all. how would you feel if you just lost your chef ? ladies. i understand there is a problem with the chicken. it's not really a problem. it just tastes a ttle different, that's all. we're sorry to hear about your chef quitting. rosa quitting ? i can explain that. no, no. she is on her way back from the airport with miguel. perhaps my friend and i could try something different today. oh, no. you want the monterey chicken and you shall have it. - just give me a minute. - thank you so much. poor man. he looks like he hasn't slept in a week. probably because hen't. well, if it isn't rosa what's the problem ? i wish i knew. ah, look who's here. rosa ! and you must be miguel. - how was your flight ? - fine. yes, i-- how do they all know ? goods travs . henry ! miguel, i'd like you to meet henry. ah, very nice to meet you. hi. how are you ? this is jamal. oh, jamal. a pleasure. pleased to meet you. in casybody's rested i'm katherine. ah, yes. rosa has
Nov 29, 2012 6:30pm PST
saying we are not a campaign. we don't have a candidate. we can't be a campaign without a candidate. and the commission accepted that. but at the same time, they were raising money and spending money that had the effect of a campaign while not being regulated. >> could we solve it by having both in the definition? the one here and the one commissioner hur suggested? >> i wouldn't have a problem with that. >> in the sense that there are two holes in the dike and we need to plug them. [ laughter ] >> okay. my other comment on decision point 1 was do we want to limit it to public support? or is that too narrow? >> what provision are you looking at? >> i'm looking at a 1, shall mean my person, group of persons or entity that either receives contributions of $1,000 or more or makes expenditures of $1,000 in order to publicly support the election? >> you mean take the word "public" out of 2? the definition of "support?" >> i guess that would be redundant. >> i think there is some merit in thinking about taking the word "public" out of the definition of "support." because why wo
FOX News
Nov 21, 2012 8:00pm PST
point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don't change the course our country is headed. >> bill: so you are saying, look, we are headed for armageddon in what way. >> i don't say armageddon. we need to go one direction. left, which would be socialism. or right, which would be people trying to make the money themselves. what has happened is the democrats have gone further left and the republicans have gone to where the democrats were 40 years ago. >> bill: what do you object to in the redistribution of wealth? >> the fact that they're affecting the small businesses in our country. and when you drive around the country and you see these stores that are closed, out of business, because of what is going on with our economy, that really tears my heart up. tax me, i don't care. >> bill: you don't care if you paid more taxes? >> i pay my hung gus amount of taxes. >> bill: sure, so do i. >> so do you. >> right. >> bill: do you want to pay 40, 45% which would take you income redistributors. >> if it would help, i would not mind it the thing is it won't help. th
FOX News
Nov 23, 2012 2:00pm PST
don't know what his plan was. that his resume' was fantastic. where he dropped the ball, he didn't-- how about this, and the plan-- >> never defended the plan, i did not. i took the other tactic, i said president obama failed and that's why you should vote for romney you don't want four more years of a failed policy and that's where i was. >> let me ask a question, how do you respond to mark levin, one of my good friends, too, like eric, he can be a little crazy. >> not crazy. but in his own way-- >> he's very focused and-- >> and i understand he's very smart. >> and i think that right out of the gate after the election there were opinion pieces that had ran from all across the republican spectrum with what went wrong and what we need to do and i'm just not so sure. i think it's going to take time and if there's a messenger needs to emerge from the party and that person, i don't think we know who that is yet. but there's some time to figure it out. and after the 1992 loss, it fook a while to, for the republicans to get back in shape and that's, you know, it could take a little bi
Nov 26, 2012 7:30pm PST
write-in or not? >> i don't like terminating the end of that sentence. >> presumably someone who has qualified -- that is the point i wanted to make more globally. the problem is the state law definition of "candidate." we can add this section in local law, which is fine and whatever version ends up tonight or thereafter will work for the moment. but i think we should urge the state legislature to include an appointed office-holder, because that was the route of this to begin with. >> that we definitely can't do tonight? >> no, it's not on the calendar, but something that we could contemplate in future and i would suspect there is support for that. >> do you have other comments about what we can do here and now? >> sorry. thank you for bringing me back. i agree that the language in lines 19 and 20 are somewhat problematic. i don't know that they work into line 16-18. i think they really only apply in subsection b. i mean it's difficult to read 16-18 and imports 19 and 20 in, that the "order to support" language. it just gets a little circular, but i do agree that support shoul
Nov 18, 2012 11:00am EST
simply don't know. what we do know is it occurs, has occurred not just in our time and our country but all through difficult times. part of it is i think people who reach the pinnacle begin to think they can do things that other people can't do. they think i'm so high, nobody will ever find out about this. best i can do, unless you want to accept what my great grandmother used to say, there's simply no damn good. chris: we'll stop short with that but maybe you want to talk. >> i agree with dan but people in high positions, they're surrounded by yes men and are rarely contradicted and begin to think normal roles of behavior don't apply to them and they're above the law. opportunities arise because you're in that kind of position because people are attracted to people in positions of power. you don't go into the senior echelons of either politics or the military if you want a very quiet life. there's an addiction to adrenaline i think in those kinds of jobs, and having an affair, an illicit affair provides an adrenaline kick and it's a genuine hormonal response and if you're in those
Nov 4, 2012 9:30am PST
of the week you will be putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. you don't want to learn out to house an extinguisher when they big fire is in front of you. when you turn off your natural gas and water. hazardous materials will be talked about next week. 35-40 percent of you. you will find out that all of you have hazardous material in your home. the third week is disaster medicine. you, going into a room spending 45 seconds on one person into 3 life saving techniques. by the fourth we we will teach you as search and rescuers how to keep yourself safe by identifying safe and none safe building to go into. sometimes objects are too heavy for you to liftoff of a body. we will teach you privying which will use anything you have, wood or cement blocks so you is see that people can lift heavy objects off of people. now, you have to have a plan. every program needs to have a plan. we can't say, here are your skills. class 6, after half an hour we will split you into teams of 10 people each. putting out the fires. you will go into a dark room and doing a search. you will be treating people
Nov 18, 2012 9:00am EST
this happen again. >>>> why would susan rice not gt our vote? i don't trust her. defending susan rice. >> if senator mccain and senator want to go after somebody, they should go aft me. there are no barriers to dn and beginning to work through this process. >> as the fiscal cliff looms, is deal in the works? mitt romney explains why he .ost >> the president's campaign was certain membersrs of his collision, give them extraordinary financial gifts , and workovernment very aggressivelely to turn them vote.e. captioned by thehe national captioning institut >> i just don't ow where to begin this week. we talk about republicacan charges of a cover-up with regard to the fatatal attack in benghazi? do we talk about sexual liaison and national security? about israel dealza, possibility of a a the fiscal cliff? let's starwith the sex. [laughter] the d director of the cia resigs fbi uncovers e-mails revealing that general david extramaritalan with s biographer, broadwewell, a married moer of two. about unlimited access. general petraeus was set to testifabout the benghazi h
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